Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

KK CBD Co. uses and protects the information you provide when purchasing goods in the online store. When KK CBD Co. asks you to provide any information, it is used, processed and stored in accordance with this policy. By purchasing the Product, you consent to the processing of the data you provide through the Service.

We use Google Analytics to analyze your visit to Using cookies stored on our servers, Google Analytics collects statistical and other information about The information collected in connection with the website is stored by Google. Google’s privacy policy is available here.


The website uses cookie technology. These cookies tell us whether you have previously visited our website or are a new user and what you have viewed on our website. The cookies we use do not store any personal information about you and do not offer us the opportunity to contact you, nor do the cookies download any information from your computer.

Protection of personal data

All personal data of the customer when visiting the online store and paying for the goods are considered confidential, except when for shipping purpose and the courier needs to know the customer’s name, address and telephone number in order to deliver the goods, as well as in other cases provided by law.

KK CBD Co. may use your personal data to:

Provide you with the opportunity to use the services available on the website;
Send you notifications, invoices and make payments;
Send you emails you have logged in to;
Send you newsletters and other marketing messages;
Please refer to your questions or complaints on the website